The Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney aims to give a platform for people of Sri Lankan descent, living in New South Wales to find expression & voice their opinion, following three decades of civil war. We seek to:

  • Identify and understand the sources of mistrust, suspicion, prejudice and fear that sustain communal division.
  • Rebuild trust, confidence and respect between Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people living in NSW.
  • Encourage open and free dialogue between these communities to promote empathy and reconciliation.
  • Foster an integrated Sri Lankan identity for current and future generations that is both confident and resilient against future challenges.

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Paper Dolls

That none of whom we have lost are forgotten………………….

The Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney (SLRF) organised a Remembrance Day on the 21st of May 2017 to honour those who died during the protracted 30 year conflict in Sri …

Documents, Talks & Newsletters

heart in barbed wire

Championing Sri Lanka’s Bilingual National Anthem

The Reconciliation Forum has advocated the recognition of the Tamil language in the National Anthem, by singing alternate verses in Sinhala and Tamil. Click here for text

In regard to the constitutionality, it is …


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Monthly meetings are held at the Epping Leisure and Learning Centre, 1 Chambers Court, Epping NSW.

Our Email Address: reconciliationforum@gmail.com